Rising from the ashes of some notable and forgettable Wisconsin bands is PUNCH GOLIATH. A product of the 1980s hard rock/hair metal scene, twin brothers John Berghammer (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar) and Tom Berghammer (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar) are the writing foundation of the band. Tom Reitz (vocals, lead guitar) and Tom Loppnow (vocals, drums, percussion) complete PUNCH GOLIATH.

Since meeting in 1984, John Berghammer, Tom Berghammer and Tom Reitz have been great friends. Together with Greg Lenske (lead vocals, drums), ANGEL WHITE gigged on the Southeastern Wisconsin hard rock club circuit in the mid 1980s. Eventually ANGEL WHITE broke up as the demands of life grew.

Through the 1990s, John Berghammer and Tom Berghammer focused on songwriting. Tom Reitz and Greg Lenske played in a variety of successful regional bands.

In 2001, John Berghammer met Tom Loppnow in Milwaukee. Within a year, Lopp was jamming with the Hammers. An accomplished vocalist and drummer with a full resume of bands, Lopp fit in well. Soon thereafter Tom Reitz (TR) was summoned for lead guitar. HAMMERED was solidified.

The first song recorded by HAMMERED was in 2004. NUMBER 7 was the title track for the independent movie DARE TO DREAM: THE ALAN KULWICKI STORY.

Due to internet and YouTube band confusion, a name change from HAMMERED was necessary. Renamed PUNCH GOLIATH in 2008, PG has written and recorded over 25 songs, several radio and television jingles, and rousing sports anthems (Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Admirals).

To date, PUNCH GOLIATH is a studio band. PG’s first album, THE TREE, was released March 20, 2012. Buy it now on iTunes or your favorite music distribution site.